We are an organization dedicated to making gun control a reality in the United States using words. We draft petitions, organize protests, host fundraisers, propose bills, and more, working toward ending gun violence in America. The pen is mightier than the gun. 


Horrified by the harrowing school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February and disgusted at the government's response, Siena Liljegren, Alexander Ashman, and Yash Wadwekar, three 8th-graders in Phoenix, Arizona, decided to do something about it. Inspired by Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Sam Zeif, and all the other incredibly motivated students in Parkland, we knew that we needed to speak out as well.


Arizona has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the country, and is ranked number 1 in terms of gun ownership. We grow up in a community of gun owners and strong attitudes toward gun violence and against gun control. Gun culture is deeply ingrained into our surroundings, and, frankly, it makes us scared. Every time we step on our school's campus we run the risk of getting shot. That's why we need to do something about it, in our town, in our state, and in our country. We genuinely hope our passion, dedication, and action make a difference for gun control in the United States.

Siena Liljegren (left), Yash Wadwekar (center), and Alexander Ashman (right), are all the original co-founders of Writers Over Rifles.