We demand gun control. Now.


In the light of the atrocious shooting in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 students, we, citizens and children of the United States of America, are standing up for gun control and for child safety. Because every child should be able to feel safe in their own country and in their own school. Because it should not be harder to obtain birth control, health insurance, or a drivable car than to buy a gun. Because now is the time to stand up against the power.

Writers Over Rifles is dedicated to making a change in the world. We believe that -- regardless of your race, religion, color, creed, age, gender, ability, political beliefs, or sexual orientation -- you can make a difference in our society. We encourage you to sign our petition for gun control and safer schools, participate in future marches and protests, and speak out. Our mission is to inspire others to think, write, and speak about the topics you are passionate about. Please donate, join our organization, and subscribe to receive future updates to be part of unique experiences, such as writing to Congressmen, winning essay contests concerning your passion, speaking up about the things you love, and much more! Spread the word about Writers Over Rifles at your school, company, on social media, home, and anywhere you are to truly be the change you want to see.


Here are some ideas how you can use your words and fight against gun violence here:

  • Sign our petition, and even write your own!

  • Sign up for our essay contest, and write for change

  • Coordinate a walk-out at your school

  • Organize or participate in a march (the March for Our Lives is an upcoming one)

  • Put up posters in your school with facts about gun control and resources for how to contact a government official

  • Write to the local newspaper, asking them to include an article of yours

  • Propose a bill for gun control at your next town hall meeting

  • Demand to meet with your representative at your State Capitol (it's your right as a citizen) and ask them what they are doing to protect you

  • Host a school-wide fundraiser to donate to an anti-gun violence organization

  • Donate to one of our recommended organizations

  • Write a speech or design an art piece and perform/display it in a public area

  • Formulate discussion prompts, give them to your teacher, and have a meaningful conversation with your peers about gun violence

  • Follow us on social media, retweet, and tell your friends

  • Distributes flyers, leaflets, or pamphlets

  • Wear a pro-gun control shirt to school and wear orange in June (Gun Violence Awareness Month)

  • Tell your school to have a moment of silence for the victims of the most recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

  • Organize a silent protest (similar to the LGBT awareness Day of Silence by the GLSEN) to represent the silencing of the victims of gun violence

  • Share any of your events with us via social media or this website! 

Podcasts Over Pistols Launch 

06.06.18, 6:00 AM

MS NSDA Parkland Showcase 

06.16.18,4:00 PM

"Words Over Weapons" Project
07.14.18, 10:00 AM
Sandy Hook Remembrance
12.14.18, 6:00 AM

We encourage every school or workplace to utilize these discussion prompts to have meaningful conversations about the dangers of gun violence. These discussions do not have to be political and are perfectly suitable for a mature environment.

  • What were your reactions to the shooting in Florida?

  • What do you know about the Second Amendment? How is it interpreted?

  • Why do you think school shootings and gun violence are only a big problem in America?

  • Is gun violence encouraged in everyday American culture ("Ugh, I want to kill myself", "I want to kill him", etc.)?

  • What are the pros and cons of gun control?

  • Arizona has some of the least restrictive gun control laws in America. Does th is make you feel safer or more in danger?

  • Is the US really becoming numb to school shootings?

  • Do you know what has worked in the past in regards to gun control? 

  • How do you feel about our President's solutions to arm teachers?

  • Do you think our current laws are keeping us safe? Do you feel safe at school?

  • What do you think schools or the country can do to make you safer and/or improve gun safety?

  • How do you feel about the revolution of the students in Parkland and young adults across the country?

  • What can YOU do about the problem?