As part of the Names Over Numbers Campaign, we need to start addressing the names of the victims of school shootings over the statistics. We cannot shrug our shoulders at the number 17, we must realize that these are real people. Open to everyone, the Share Your Story project allows for friends and families of school shooting victims to create a profile of their loved one. Through stories, emotions, and detailed information, people who visit Writers Over Rifles will be able to see and hear the stories of these amazing people, not the numbers. Contact us at to share your story. 


Share a story of a loved one and Writers Over Rifles will have an official profile dedicated to them.

This profile will remain public, however, we do not require any personal information, experiences, etc. This is purely to remember the victims of these tragedies. 

No one should have to lose a loved one in a school shooting. The Names Over Numbers Mission is to memorialize these people and make sure it never happens again.