Words Over Weapons

The pen is mightier than the gun.

Today marks the launch date of our organization, Writers Over Rifles, a non-profit devoted to achieving gun control in the United States. For too long, children have been pitilessly murdered in the safety of their own schools. For too long, guns have been too easy and the laws have been too lenient. For too long, our government has looked away without action. We must put an end to that. From now on, children will be able to go to school without fear of being killed in their hallways. From now on, it will take strict background checks and stringent rules to obtain a gun. From now on, our government will actually do their job -- protect the citizens of the United States. We refuse to stay silent. We refuse to bite our tongues. We refuse to stand for another death.

So stand with us. We demand action now. We stand united. We will not be silent, and will not be silenced.

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts.

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