Make NOISE. Demand to be HEARD.

Our voices matter. Every single one of them. If we can all remember that we WILL be heard. We will not take no as an answer. We will take action and DEMAND what we want. Speak LOUD. Speak UP. Speak OUT. We must have the courage to speak loudly and clearly and know exactly what we want. We must be able to speak about what we want and tell others about it. Then we must spread the news. We must tell everyone we know about our movement. Some may disagree, but that shouldn’t stop us. We must understand one’s point of view and maybe even learn from the experience of disagreement, and then continue our mission: to make America safe again. Let us come together and understand that we are all fighting for the same thing. Let us learn from each other, encourage each other, and respect each other. Because once we do that, this organization, this misson, this movement will be unbreakable. We WILL be heard.

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