Frequently Asked Questions

What is Writers Over Rifles?

We are an organization led dedicated to make gun control a reality in the United States. Our campaign is to have every American citizen write to a U.S. Senator, Congressman, or the President, because we are tired of sitting in silence. The pen is mightier than the gun.

What is your mission?

Our mission is for everyone in the country to write a letter to a person in a position of authority -- a senator, congressperson, mayor, the President, etc -- so that every child feels safe in school. We want gun control to be universal, because a school shooting should happen never again.

Can anyone write a letter?

Of course! Anyone -- young or old, male or female, liberal or conservative -- can write a letter to a government authority. It's actually one of your rights as a U.S. citizen.

Does my letter have an impact?

Yes. Every letter counts. We want to get as many people as humanly possible to stir up change, and you are one more person who can contribute to that. You can rest assured that your demands will not go unnoticed. Even if the person whom you are writing does not reply, rest assured that your words have made an impact. There's power in numbers.

What else can I do to support gun control?

Besides writing a letter to a member of the government, you can participate in our events, or recreate them in your hometown. Draft a petition, propose a bill, give a presentation, put up posters, protest in a march, coordinate a school walk-out, and more. The possibilities are endless. If you need more ideas, feel free to contact us!

I don't live in Arizona. Can I still participate in your events?

Yes. You can follow our events on our Instagram and Twitter accounts, and recreate our events in your community.

Where does your donation money go?

We aren't asking for any money ourselves. On our donate page, however, there are links to multiple organizations where we do recommend donations. Every dollar counts. As our organization grows, though, we may make donations available to fund management, equipment, etc. (not for profit) for Writers Over Rifles. Stay tuned.